Schoolovision 2020

Schoolovision 2020:

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Schoolovision returned to Eglantine this year! This was the 17th year of the competition. All students who got through to the final performed on St. Valentines’s Day and winner was chosen by an outside judge from the Cork School of Music. 

Sarah – Why is the Sky Blue? – 5th Class – Mr Corry 

Lucy & Holly – Storytale – 4th Class – Ms Walsh

Caoimhe – Watching the Stars – 6th Class – Mrs Heskin

Hannah, Annabelle & Róisín – Waiting There For You – 6th Class – Ms Lyons 

Clara – So What – 5th Class – Ms Finn

Emma, Lucy and Ciara – Friendship – 6th Class – Mrs Heskin

Katie – One for Me – 5th Class – Ms Finn 

Sarah, Amelia & Chloe – By Your Side – 4th Class – Ms Murray

Cara & Daisy – The Green Girls – 5th Class – Ms Carey

Here is a playlist of all the songs: